Our Fee Policy

Regal Bay provides Investment Management Services and Investment Advisory Services. The specific manner in which fees are charged is established in a written agreement. Fees for Investment Management Services are based on a commission or fee basis. Advisory Services are based upon the value of assets under management (AUM). All fees may be negotiated on an individual basis but generally conform to the fee schedule specified in our ADV

We also provide Investment Consulting Services on an hourly or contractual fee basis. These fees range from $150.00 to $450.00 per hour but may be negotiable and differ among clients based on a number of factors, including the type and size of the account, the projected nature of trading for the account and the number and range of supplemental advisory and client-related services to be provided by Regal Bay. The fee for this service option or consultation fee can also be used to address a host of your planning needs, such as the sale of your business interest, estate planning initiatives, family dynamic planning, and charitable gift planning. In addition, Regal Bay, with your permission, may engage other professional legal and accounting advisers, such as an estate planning attorney, CPA, or a trust officer, but their services may involve additional charges.